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Over The Rainbow w/ guest Courtney Loveless

The STL Big Band at The Berger Wedding

Webster Journal Report on The STL Big Band

Filmed at The Casa Loma Ballroom

Against All Odds

From The St. Louis Big Band's Self Titled EP

Beyond The Sea

Live In-Studio @ KTVI with guest vocalist Joe Mancuso

W/ Guests "Ladies for Liberty"

Filmed at a Hanger Party in Kansas City, MO


Filmed at The Casa Loma Ballroom


Filmed at the Casa Loma Ballroom

Feelin' Good w/ guest Joe Mancuso

From the Perspective of the Rhythm Section

Interview with Ryan Sheehan

Director & Founder

Interview with Ryan Sheehan

Director & Founder

Our Stage-Set

Professionally designed & modeled after Katy Perry's back-lit "California Dreams" touring set this stunning stage can be used at all venues with a performance space at least 30x30 and a direct to performance area loading-dock is preferred.  Delivery fee and 6 hour set-up time required for this unbelievable 3,000 pound set.  If you would like to book a band that has a set like this call 314-608-5721 or fill out this form.  


St. Louis Big Band

Stage-Set Lighting Test

St. Louis Big Band Logos