Travel expenses are included in all rates:  

- Flights

- Van Rentals

- Bussing

- Car Rentals

- Tolls

- Parking

- Gas

- Meals on Road

We fly with Frontier Airlines. 


All lodging is covered in our rates:

- Often we do not stay in the same town that we perform in, we may travel half-way to where we'll be the next day or go all the way to the next place after a performance.  


All necessary audio equipment for audiences of up to about 300 is included within our rates. 

- PA System

- Cables

- Microphones


We take performing at the correct volume extremely seriously and have previously performed for audiences as small as 20 in a celebrity's basement and as large as 3,000 in a outdoor amphitheater.  When explaining to your venue that you wish to book The St. Louis Big Band please be sure to mention that the volume between a big band and a modern rock or pop band is not in any way comparable, a big band is much softer.  Our typical 18-piece volume is softer than the usual volume of a 4-piece rock band.  

Techniques that we employ to ensure proper volume:

- In smaller venues we perform acoustic, the vocalist is the only performer who uses a microphone. 

- Our conductor constantly evaluates volume. 

- Brass mutes are used to decrease projection when in close proximity to guests.

- When fitting our volume is brought up as the night progresses. 


Basic tower lighting is included within our pricing.  For dances: it can be set to go to the music.  For concerts: it can be set to a solid color.

Ceiling mounted spotlights are not included. 

We offer the following optional lighting add-ons:

#1 - Room Uplighting: $80 Per Light

#2 - Suspended Socket String Lights - 50ft Strands: $30 Per Light 

#3 - Moving-Head Lighting for Dance Floor: $600 for 2