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Artists: Musicians of The St. Louis Big Band, Rachel Bisch

Type & Release:  Studio Album, 2014

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Big Band St louis

Track Listing:

Track 1 - We Found Love

Track 2 - Everytime We Touch

Track 3 - Around The World

Track 4 -  Girls Just Wanna Dance

Track 5 -  Heart Attack

Track 6 -  Unconditionally

Track 7 -  Hero

Track 8 -  Rolling In The Deep

Album Credits:

Title: RetroPop

Artists: Rachel Bisch, Musicians of The St. Louis Big Band,

Type & Release:  Studio Album, 2014

Recording & Engineering: Brian Scheffer, Firebrand Recording

Production Dates: Winter - Spring 2014

Producer: Ryan Sheehan

Production Budget: $2,000.00


Vocals: Rachel Bisch, Clarinets: Heather Decker, Ryan Sheehan, Piano: Aaron Watson, Guitar: Jason LaPlant, Bass: Gage Bazzell, Drums: Shaun Spiker

The making of "RetroPop"

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