This package available with all booking options at NO additional fee. 


In our band & DJ Dance Party package the band and DJ alternate songs throughout the night, creating a one of a kind DJ & live music infusion. Available at NO additional charge. More info below under the heading "Band/ DJ Dance Party."

A professional DJ is included in all St. Louis Big Band booking options. This page discusses our exceptional band/ DJ offerings and also contains video samples of our DJ service in action.

DJ Performance at the Ponder Wedding

Pro DJ America (Our in-house DJ service)

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Band/ DJ Dance Party

With this option the band plays several songs and then the DJ plays a few.  While the DJ is playing the band members get ready for their next song, add live horn accentuations to the recording or sometimes hit the dance floor. This continues until the party ends or the DJ takes over for the final hour of late-night dancing.   Included at no additional charge, available with all St. Louis Big Band booking options. Contact us for more info.

A common timeline for this option:

- Cocktails (1-2 Hours): Quartet (Included in all bookings at no charge)

- Dinner (1-2 Hours): Band Only

- Dancing (3 Hours): Band/ DJ Alternate

- Late-Night Dancing (1 Hour): DJ Only

End of the Night DJ

When the band finishes their last number our in-house professional DJ service hits play.  The DJ plays your requests, handles last call, final dances and the night comes to a close.  Our DJ service will typically perform for 1-2 hours after the band has finished.  This is included at no additional charge in all St. Louis Big Band booking rates.



Dinner/ Cocktail DJ

Don't care for live music during dinner or cocktail hour?  No problem, our in-house professional DJ can take care of it!  This is included in all St. Louis Big Band Bookings at no additional charge.

Recorded music is always played during all

band breaks.