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The St. Louis Big Band has the experience, expertise and talent to bring your event vision to life.

We offer the absolute best customer service and have previously worked with major corporations, government institutions & top event design firms to build event soundscaps for an extensive number of ceremonies, receptions, & keynote addresses throughout the Midwest.  A list of some of our past clients is on the right-hand side of this page.

Corporate Parties

All of our corporate reception services include 4 parts:

Cocktail Hour

Included in our rates is a 4 piece jazz quartet of 2 horns, guitar, & upright bass for cocktail hour.  This ensemble will play soft background music in the lobby/ cocktail area of your venue while guests mingle.

Dinner Hour

For dinner hour our 4 piece jazz quartet seamlessly moves into the main reception hall and performs background music while guests enjoy dinner.  Our musicians are trained to be sensitive to guests who are sitting directly in front of the band.  Usually the quartet performs until toasts begin at which time the quartet joins the full 9-18 piece St. Louis Big Band on stage.

Dancing - Live

After toasts are over it is time for your first dance!  Guests are stunned by the sound of the 18 piece St. Louis Big Band performing the song that you selected. 

Speaches and public addresses can be made from the band's PA system.

For the next 2-3 hours the band determines the next song by taking into consideration your requests, the dance floor reaction, and audience reaction to create a night of fun-filled & unforgettable music that is unique to your event.  Many of the band's songs feature the beautiful sounds of Sinatra style vocalist Joe Scalzitti. 

We are always happy to have talented guests from your event sit-in with the band.  It's not unusual for our horn section to join the audience on the dance floor while performing!

Dancing - DJ

When the band finishes their last number our in-house professional DJ service hits play.  The DJ plays your requests, handles last calls and the night comes to a close.  Our DJ service will typically perform for 1-2 hours after the band has finished. 





















Keynote Addresses

All of our keynote address services are billed by the event, not the hour so that you can have the band play as often as needed throughout the duration of the speeches.  The following services are often included.

Audience Seating

Included in our rates is a 4 piece jazz quartet of 2 horns, guitar, & upright bass.  This ensemble will play soft background music by the door or at the foot of the stage as the audience enters and takes their seats.

Pre-Address Music

Prior to the start of the keynote speech the full 18 piece St. Louis Big Band performs for 10-20 minutes.  This serves two purposes, the first is to allow latecomers to take their seats without interupting the speach and the second is to warm the audience up for the speaker.  When it is time for the keynote speaker to come out the band plays a fanfare.

Intermission Music

During intermission the band plays background music and entertains those who remain in their seats.

Post-Address Music

After addresses are over the band returns to the stage one more time and performs as the audience leaves or moves to the reception area.  When arranged the band performs a uplifting song to correspond with the excitement of the room as the speaker concludes.


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