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Completing this agreement will place a 2 week hold on your date to allow time for the deposit to be paid.

After submitting this form you'll have the option to submit the deposit instantly by credit card or you can send it to us anytime in the 2-week window. 

Please do not complete this form without checking with us on availability.

Terms of Booking:


- 20 complementary tickets must be provided for band use at all ticketed pubic concerts.

- Band shall receive a 15 minute break after every hour of performance.

- We prefer to provide and use our own sound equipment. If a venue owned sound system is to be used a experienced technician provided by the venue must be at the controls throughout the entire performance.  We will not operate equipment that's not owned by us and we can not be liable for damage, malfunction, or feed-back caused by equipment that we do not own. For our protection feed-back suppression equipment must be in use at all times.

Music:                ***Strictly enforced for all performance types***

- All special requests INCLUDING selections from current repertoire list must be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to performance date.  The average number of special requests for a single performance is 3.  We try to accommodate more but are not always able to do so based on how busy we are and request back-log. Please talk to us prior to booking if you will have a lot of requests or will need us to learn a special program or music book.  We reserve the right to make the final decision on all songs performed. 

Creative Control:

- We reserve all creative control of performance, how it's presented and the music performed.  For banquet performances we urge our customers to refrain from submitting extended request lists which prohibit us from reading the audience and matching the mood of the night.

- Portable generators cannot be used.


As a courtesy we will hold your date for a period of two weeks upon receipt of this booking agreement.  Performance date is not officially held until receipt of deposit.

Deposit Rate:
- 25% due at the time of booking.

- Payment in full due two weeks prior to performance date.

Cancellation Policy:

- Deposit must be paid within 2 weeks of receipt of this contract.  If deposit is not received within 2 weeks the performance will be canceled and the band will be released from all obligations of this contract.

- In most cases deposits are completely non-refundable.

- Performances canceled three days or more prior to scheduled date receive partial credit towards new date.
- New performance date subject to availability and is billed at the rate for the new date. Additional fees apply on some dates.


At banquet performances we reserve the right to adjust performance start/ end times based on the flow of the event, assuming the time is made-up by skipping breaks or extending the performance at the end of the night.

Promotional Events:
- Product samples are encouraged.  

Limitation of Liability:
- We shall not under any circumstances be liable for any amount greater than the value of the amount paid for performance.

- We make no guarantees of specific performers and reserve the right to use substitutes when necessary.

- No refunds due to weather or acts of God or if a State of Emergency is declared.

- We are not responsible for the actions of audience members or event guests, including personal property damage.

No Warranty Provided:

- We agree to perform on the date specified only.   We do not in any way guarantee audience attendance, positive reception, or positive critical reception. 

Acceptance of Contract by Band:

- This contract must be accepted and confirmed through an e-mail by a band representative before taking effect.

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Agreement Form:

When booking please complete this form.

Upon completion of processing a copy of this agreement will be e-mailed to you.  Please do not complete this form without contacting us to confirm availability. 

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